Digital Future Challenge Based Learning in Higher Education

Digital Future Challenge Based Learning in Higher Education

DIFUCH Project

Digital Future Challenge Based Learning in Higher Education (DIFUCH) will develop a digital future challenge-based learning joint programme designed within an innovative and flexible academic structure and framework: multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and future skills-oriented microcredentials, new curricula and learning pathways, that include digital literacy and prior knowledge recognition models.

These learning offers should use an approach focused on learning outcomes and student-centered courses and curricula, reducing the gap between HEIs, students, graduates, and the respective labor market. In this way, HEIs will assume relevance for their community, regional economy, and global market.


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Challenge Based Learning

DIFUCH uses Challenge Based Learning (CBL) as main learning methodology. CBL is a cocreation learning practice in which professors, researchers, regional stakeholders and students work together to learn about real regional challenges from the local institutions, while working towards developing solutions to complex issues. During the learning process students reflect on their meaningful learning and the impact of results. Opportunities to share solutions with stakeholders, decision makers and the civil society are offered.

The digital future CBL offer practice-based cases that allow multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral and inter-institutional teams to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in a long distance, virtually collaborative environment, with the possibility to transfer research results back to HEI and the regions. It’s possible established an inclusive, digital, and open campus where students, teachers, researchers and staff collaborate with stakeholders.


Copyright © 2022 Difuch. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2022 Difuch. All rights reserved.
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